Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back from Hiding

So I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.  I got a stress fracture in my left foot, and I haven't been able to do much exercising, so my weight has been holding steady.  We also went out of town for a few days and ate terribly, so I'm glad it isn't worse.  We had lots of fun with our good friends at Great Wolf Lodge.  Topher was so excited to play in the water park and to play "point" (Magiquest).  It was nice to have a bit of a break from our usual routine, although vacations with young children aren't quite vacations for the mommy.  I managed to have a nice time despite my foot.  I can't wait to go back when I can tackle the water park for real!
Yesterday I had the joy of attending my friend Liz's baby shower.  I had fun celebrating the coming arrival of a very special little boy.  He is lucky to have such a great mommy (and daddy, too)!  I got to get my craft on decorating scrapbook pages for little Thomas, and who doesn't love oohing and ahhing over sweet baby stuff!
Last night I went to my freshman roommate Christine's bachelorette party.  It was definitely interesting for this tired old mommy to get a night out on the town.  I even sang karaoke!  It was great to reconnect with old friends.  I was talking with Jenny, whom I haven't seen in ages, and she was telling me how she reads this blog and that it inspired her to start trying to lose weight too.  It really meant a lot to me to hear that my crazy ramblings meant something to someone else.  I'm not really used to people looking up to me, but it feels good to know that all this hard work is inspiring at least one person.  So I'm looking forward to getting back on track, and REALLY hoping my foot gets better soon!


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