Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Weigh-In

Today's Weight: 245
BMI: 42
Weekly Loss: -1 lb
Total Lost: 28 lbs

Gained a pound this week.  My husband's birthday was on Friday, and it turned into a major cheat day.  How can you not cheat at Olive Garden?  I think everyone deserves a nice treat once in a while.  We also had a great time out bowling with friends after dinner.  I haven't bowled in FOREVER, but I didn't do too bad.  It was fun having a kid-free evening with friends.

On Saturday I did my best to work off Friday's fun.  I ran in the morning.  I'm doing a slightly modified version of the c25k plan with a group at my church.  I was out there running around the church parking lot at 8am!  It helps to have a group to run with.  Then I ran some errands, followed by kickboxing, a moderately healthy lunch, and a 2 hour self-defense seminar.  I am one tired mommy.  I am glad Brandon is off tomorrow, so maybe I can sneak a little rest in somewhere.

Today was a rough day.  Our turtle died sometime during the night.  I feel awful.  I could tell she wasn't feeling well, but I put off taking her to the vet.  We just had Princess (one of our cats) in a couple of weeks ago, and we are pretty broke after that.  I just feel so terrible that they might have been able to help her.  Brandon keeps telling me that even if I had taken her in that they still might not have been able to help her, but I feel responsible.  She was a very cute and quirky turtle.  She will be missed.



You are a much better turtle mommy than I. I would have no idea if Scout wasn't feeling well, and I'd probably bury the whole tank in lieu of having to handle a dead turtle LOL. Sorry about poor Samantha, though.

Mrs JL

Sorry to hear about your turtle always hard loosing a pet.

Paige Marie

Hey girl! Keep your chin up. Sounds like a crazy week with your weight gain and the loss of your turtle. Remember.. you have already lost 28 lbs. Which is more than most people have lost. Thank you for being so inspiring. And for posting the bad days along with the good days.

Paige - Fellow Fit Camper

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