Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Weigh-In and Potty Round 1

Today's Weight: 253.8
BMI: 43.6
Weekly Loss: 3.4 lbs
Total Lost: 19.2 lbs

When I first weighed myself this morning, I got a higher number.  Just for kicks I got back on the scale and got this lovely number, which I liked much better.  I even checked it a couple of times to make sure it was accurate.  This puts me just below my weight when I got pregnant with Topher -- a weight I did not get down to between pregnancies, so this is a big milestone for me.  The only frustrating thing is that I still can't fit into any of my pre-Topher clothes.  I used to hear comments like "don't worry what the scale says, go by how your clothes fit" if you were sad about being stuck at a particular weight.  Now I seem to be having the opposite problem.  Every week the number on the scale gets lower and lower, but I still can't fit into smaller clothes despite losing almost 20 lbs.  It is really frustrating because I would like to see more of an improvement in my appearance.  I figure since I'm pretty close to a 20 lb loss, I would post some comparison pictures.

Other than my new haircut, I don't really see a difference...

So in other news, we thought Topher was ready to start potty training.  He always has to follow us to the bathroom, and was constantly begging to sit on the potty.  He had even peed in it once.  So I bought him some underwear, made a chart to put stickers on, got some toys for prizes, and gave it a whirl.  After 4 days of all accidents and no successes, I'm thinking that maybe he just isn't ready yet.  That's ok, but it sure was a long couple of days.  The poor little guy begged for his diaper.  If he wants it that bad, I guess he can have it.  I sure am tired of cleaning pee off the floor.


scarlett luther

Dont be upset abt your pre-topher clothes not fitting, remember you have not only had 1 but 2 babies since then and your body shape has change so your weight is distributed differently now! It took me a long time to stick to something and realize my weightloss wasn't going to happen over night! You're doing a great job, keep up the good work :)


Sounds like you're right about the potty thing. I can see a difference from the side for sure. You should have worn the same is harder to see. : ) Keep it up!!

Shari Stepanov

Hey sweetie! It was SO good to catch up with you the other day. I miss our chats, but you're such a busy lady with 2 of the sweetest baby boys.

I definitely would not worry about the clothes issue. As Scarlett mentioned, you had 2 babies & your body shape has changed. If you really want to start tracking the difference, why not start measuring yourself? That was a real motivator for me when I first began losing weight a couple of years ago. I would suggest monthly measurements, as I believe you will begin to see a true difference in these.

I actually saw a difference in your back photo more than the others. Your arms & back look more toned than before. Also, you didn't have leg photos from before, but I would take a guess that your legs are more toned than before.

I'm not sure what exercises are easier for you to do, but I would definitely suggest sit-ups in varied positions. You could probably benefit from planks, as well.

Keep up with this, girl. You are striving to become a healthier person and that's really impressive. The progress you have already made is so wonderful. You are definitely inspiring me to give it a go again. <333

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