Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Happy Update

I promise no depressing post today!

I am so excited that my friend Ashley wants to be my walking buddy.  We went on a 1.5 mile walk this evening with the kids in strollers.  Unlike my jogging attempt, the time flew by.  The babies slept most of the time, and Topher had fun looking at all the cars and trucks we passed.  We walked even farther than I had before.  It really felt good.  Instead of being exhausted and sore, I felt really energized.  I think having the company was a huge help.  Thanks, Ashley, for motivating me to get out there and for going slow for me!

Luke is 3 months old now.  He has been sleeping through the night (mostly, he usually wakes up at 5:00).  In honor of this achievement, we decided it was time for him to try sleeping in his own room.  We have been keeping him up at least 30 minutes after his last bottle so that it will be ok for him to lie down flat.  He has been going to bed around the same time as Topher, if not just a little later.  He is doing really well in his room, and we have even gone without the swaddle the last two nights!  His swaddles are getting small for him, but we don't have any bigger ones since Topher hated being swaddled.  We decided we would give no swaddle a try before buying any more.  Here is a picture of my sweet boy in his crib (I just love this little guy!):



I really think walking is going to be much more healthy and beneficial for you! Good job!! Hi LUKE!!!! I miss you!!!!

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