Monday, April 30, 2012

An end of the day update

I tried a recipe that I got off of Pinterest for dinner.  (You can find the "recipe" here: )  I used 1 lb of chicken, the juice of one lime, 2 avocados, 4 scallions, some freshly picked cilantro from my neighbor's herb garden (thanks, Lin!), 2 tsp of light mayo, and a little salt and pepper.  We ate it on whole wheat sandwich thins.  It was pretty yummy, but I think it could have used even more avocado ( I LOVE avocado!), and perhaps a bit more salt.  Here is what mine looked like (it is less green than the example on the other blog even though she used less avocado):

My boys were very sweet today.  I thought I would share a few things Topher did throughout the day.  He said a new word (lawnmower), played this little piggy with his brother's toes (he didn't actually say the words, but he wiggled his toes and babbled in a sing-songy way), climbed into one of the dining room chairs all by himself, and held his little brother in his lap, sweetly giving him back his pacifier when he dropped it.  I am so proud of my big boy!  I wish I had pictures of some of this, but kids never do anything in front of a camera!  Luke was his usual sweet, cuddly self, and sat quietly in his swing long enough for me to give Topher his lunch and put him down for nap.  Yay!



You can make me that when I come. : )


It was very good! I got the leftovers too since Lori is drinking her shakes! :)

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